Thank you to all the phenomenal submissions that covered a variety of innovative and community-driven approaches for the future of clean energy. We are honored to partner with many of these companies and to showcase the good work being done across the globe.

Resilience Power Player

Green Mountain PowerWinner: Green Mountain Power

Summary: Vermont’s largest investor-owned utility, Green Mountain Power, is enhancing grid resiliency, safety, and equity through innovative initiatives aimed at keeping customers connected in severe weather and addressing climate change impacts. Their initiatives include Lift the Cap, Resilient Neighborhood, and Zero Outages.

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“This team at GMP is driven to deliver solutions that work for customers, and our resiliency projects are more important than ever. Climate change is the largest challenge of our time, and we’re creating an energy system that ensures a stronger, more cost-effective and equitable Vermont. We’re so grateful for this honor and it motivates us to keep going and keep pushing for solutions,” – Mari McClure, Green Mountain Power president and CEO.

  • Duke Energy Hotsprings Microgrid
  • NRECA’s Microgrid Consortium
  • Georgia Caruthers, Connected Communities at Tennessee Valley Authority

Emerging Technology Power Player

Winner: SenseWaves and AEP Texas joint project team

Summary:  In Texas, Adaptix.Grid by Sensewaves, in collaboration with AEP Texas, is enhancing grid reliability and enabling smart operations through artificial intelligence-powered analytics, overcoming challenges posed by aging infrastructure and the slow impact of advanced distribution management system technologies by swiftly integrating distributed energy resources and improving operational efficiency by up to 96%. Both Sensewaves and AEP Texas are being honored with an award for their innovative contributions to grid modernization and efficiency improvements.

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We are excited to win the prestigious Emerging Technology Power Player Award  for 2024 by SEPA for our joint work with AEP Texas. Both parties worked hard over the last years, dealing with some of the biggest challenges of the modern grid operator through data driven and AI-powered approaches. Together we managed to turn novel, revolutionary ideas and concepts into validated, replicable technologies for power grid management, reliability and planning, paving the way towards a resilient, carbon-free electricity grid in the future. Software of reference for this work, Adaptix.Grid, has definitely become more mature and sharper thanks to this partnership. We deeply appreciate the recognition of our achievements by SEPA and sincerely hope that this award will accelerate our efforts to expand the impact of our work to other utilities around the globe sharing similar challenges.” -Dr. Fivos Maniatakos, CEO & Co-founder SenseWaves

AEP Texas, along with SenseWaves, is honored to receive the 2024 Emerging Technology Power Player Award.  We thank SEPA and other parties involved for the opportunity to participate and for stimulating creativity that yields to operational excellence.  For us, this recognition is a clear testament of our commitment to serve the dynamic needs of our customers and to enable a brighter future for our communities.” – Alex Ramirez, Director, Utilities Tech Solutions, AEP Texas


  • BG&E Smart Cable Guard Team – Hamid Abdurrahim and Damel Goddard
  • Lunar Energy
  • Built Robotics
  • Crowley Maritime, San Diego Gas & Electric, Port of San Diego

Transportation Power Player

NYC School Bus Umbrella Services Logo and The Mobility House LogoWinner: NYCSBUS and the Mobility House

Summary: In New York, the nonprofit NYC School Bus Umbrella Services (NYCSBUS), partnered with Mobility House, World Resource Institute, New York League of Conservation Voters, Bronx Community College, South Bronx Unite, and CALSTART on the Electrifying School Buses in the Bronx (ESBB) project. ESBB addresses the transition to electric school buses by focusing on training for drivers and mechanics, developing charging infrastructure, and creating a mobility hub, with plans to expand these efforts across NYCSBUS’ fleet and serve as a model for nationwide adoption. Both NYCSBUS and Mobility House are being honored for their innovation in progressing electric school buses and charging infrastructure.

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NYCSBUS’s Zerega Depot is a great example of a project that represents how the electrification of school bus fleets can benefit communities across the United States. We are proud to be involved in the project, and grateful for its recognition as the Transportation Electrification Power Player of the Year.” – Greg Hintler, CEO of The Mobility House North America.

As a nonprofit bus operator, we have a commitment to pursue innovation in busing, including the implementation of advanced technologies to support zero emissions vehicles to benefit our drivers and the communities we serve. We are proud to have our electrification project recognized for its impact.” Matt Berlin, CEO of New York City Schools Bus Umbrella Services (NYCSBUS).


  • Kaluza-Powered ‘Charge Anytime’
  • Southern California Edison’s Transportation Electrification Technical Assistance Services

Policy Power Player

Winner: Edison International and Southern California Edison Countdown to 2045 Team

Summary: In California, Edison International’s subsidiary, Southern California Edison, a utility providing electricity to 15 million people, progressed Countdown to 2045. They conducted detailed in-house analysis and issued calls to action, emphasizing the urgency of California’s clean energy transition. As mandated by state law, Assembly Bill 1279, California seeks to achieve an 85% greenhouse gas emissions reduction and net zero by 2045, offering a feasible and cost-effective path to decarbonize the state’s electric grid and key economic sectors. Both Edison International and Southern California Edison are being honored with an award for their continued advocacy efforts to meet California’s 2045 net zero goal

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We’re delighted that SEPA has recognized Countdown to 2045, which shows we need extraordinary innovation and speed to reach California’s net-zero target. SEPA’s extra recognition for Southern California Edison’s Transportation Electrification Technical Assistance program also showcases our team’s continuous work with customers to promote cleaner air and create the clean energy future.” – Caroline Choi, senior vice president, Corporate Affairs and Public Policy, Edison International and Southern California Edison.

  • NYSERDA & National Grid – Expanded Solar-For-All program
  • Calvert Street Group

Energy Storage Power Player

Winner: Salt River Project (SRP) and partner CMBlu Energy

Summary: In Arizona, the Salt River Project, a community-based, not-for-profit organization providing water and power to more than 2 million people partnered with CMBlu Energy to launch the Desert Blume long-duration energy storage pilot at its Copper Crossing site in Florence, Arizona. CMBlu’s non-flammable, recyclable SolidFlowTM battery technology aims to surpass traditional lithium-ion batteries in efficiency, life span, and recyclability. It is set to become the world’s largest utility-scale, long-term installation of its kind, expected to power approximately 1,125 homes for 10 hours upon its operational start in December 2025. Both Salt River Project and CMBlu are being honored with an award for their innovative contributions to long-duration energy storage.

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“SRP is honored to receive this recognition from SEPA for its long duration storage pilot project with CMBlu. This project reflects SRP’s commitment to demonstrate and help accelerate the maturity of emerging innovative technologies as we transition to more clean energy while maintaining reliability and affordability for our customers.” Chico Hunter, Manager of Innovation and Development for SRP.

“We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our previous and current CMBlu Energy team members and future colleagues that have and will be an integral part of this innovative project. Desert Blume is a critical project to validate our Organic SolidFlow batteries at scale and to promote safe, sustainable, and secure long-duration energy storage built in the United States. We’re thrilled to collaborate with SRP to support their rapid clean energy transition, as well as have the opportunity to demonstrate our technology in the Southwest. “ – CMBlu


  • Xcel Energy
  • Viking Cold Solutions
  • Fluence

Energy Equity Power Player

Winner: SMUD’s Community Impact Plan project team

Summary: In California, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), a community-owned utility providing electricity to 1.5 million customers, aims to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2030, the most ambitious target among large U.S. utilities. SMUD focuses on inclusivity and equity through the Sustainable Communities Resource Priorities Map and the Community Impact Plan. These resources address energy inequities and aim to benefit all communities in Sacramento by improving health, creating jobs, and fostering resilience to climate change. Additionally, SMUD is working to develop a diverse, inclusive future workforce in clean energy and related fields

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“We’re honored to be recognized by SEPA for our Community Impact Plan efforts. When we embarked on our journey to reach zero carbon by 2030, we committed to doing so in an equitable way that provides our entire community with opportunities to benefit SMUD’s Community Impact Plan is representative of our purpose to enhance the quality of life for our customers and community by providing reliable and affordable electricity, and leading the transition to a clean energy future. We’re committed to a wholistic approach through education and job training, partnerships, innovation, collaboration and providing access and support to people, businesses and community organizations who need it most. Our interactive Sustainable Communities Resource Priorities Map helps pinpoint where our work will make the most measurable impact in the area we serve.” – Paul Lau, SMUD CEO & General Manager

  • Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • Sol Systems Impact Team
  • CPS Energy