2018 Transactive Energy Systems Conference

June 12 - 14, 2018
Cambridge, MA
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Tutorial | Transactive Energy 101: What is it and Where Can it be Applied?

Tuesday, June 12 | MIT Rehearsal Room B | 8:00am – 11:00am

If you’ve heard of transactive energy systems, but aren’t sure how they work or where they’re headed, this is the tutorial for you. The Transactive Energy 101 tutorial is designed for technical and non-technical backgrounds and will give an overview of transactive energy systems and discuss the opportunities and challenges that they present. The tutorial is applicable for a broad range of backgrounds including those with experience in regulatory, utility, solution design, or building management areas.



  • Mark Knight, Chief Engineer in the Integration Team of the Energy and Environment Directorate, Electric Infrastructure Group, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Ron Bernstein, CEO, RBCG Consulting
  • Tanya Barham, Director of Operations and Product Development, PECI


Topics covered include:

    • Background on Transactive Energy: We’ll explore the drivers behind transactive energy, including the structural and societal impacts associated with producing energy from renewable sources, and how transactive energy fits into this picture.
    • Evolution of the Landscape: The tutorial will discuss the three stages of evolution and steps to prepare for a transactive energy future.
    • Applying Transactive Energy: We’ll analyze opportunities including propositions for transactive energy in the areas of energy management and building automation, smart cities, and smart building applications.