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Electric System Fundamentals | 3-Part Course – On-Demand

March 7 - December 7, 2023
Electric System Fundamentals | 3-Part Course – On-Demand

Electric System Fundamentals | 3-Part Course

March 7 | How the Electric Grid and Energy Markets Function
Discuss the basics of electric power delivery, energy markets and the key drivers for change

March 8 | Address the Challenges Related to Decarbonizing the Grid
Explain challenges related to changes in the supply and demand mix, integration of renewables, and the advent of energy storage

March 9 | Planning for the Future
Review cutting edge business cases in the U.S. and overseas that may point the way to a cleaner and more efficient grid, and discuss prospects for emerging technologies including long-duration energy storage, hydrogen modular nuclear and fusion

3 days. 7 hours. 50 seats available.

This three day SEPA Bootcamp dives into the essential pieces of the electric grid, energy markets, the challenges to a carbon-free future and the “electrification of everything.” This course will benefit both professionals newer to the electric industry and those wanting a deeper understanding and insight into the future of the system.

Attendees will:

  • Review the typical dispatch resource stack – and what gets called upon when
  • Detail the challenges of decarbonization and evolving the generation fleet?
  • Review the challenges for the ‘electrification of everything’

Download the full course outline (PDF).

Following your participation, you will be able to request a LinkedIn Certificate of Completion to recognize your accomplishment.

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