Grid Modernization

Grid ModernizationGrid ModernizationGrid ModernizationGrid ModernizationGrid Modernization


SEPA is focused on the development of standards to promote interoperability among electric distribution systems. The SEPA Smart Grid Catalog of Standards was created to accelerate the implementation of grid modernization programs.


Effective cybersecurity strategies protect the IT systems, industrial control systems and communications infrastructure of the Smart Grid. Cybersecurity needs to be designed into new systems, as well as added into existing systems without extensively impacting operations.

icons_energy-iotEnergy IoT

Smart thermostats, electric vehicle chargers, motion sensors, automated lighting and other devices can make everyday life more convenient and more efficient. SEPA’s strategy is to help our members define IoT technologies that are secure, reliable, resilient and flexible.

icons_distubited-energy-resources-managementDistributed Energy Resources Management

SEPA helps our members implement, deploy, maintain and identify distributed energy resources (DERs) into our existing power networks.


Microgrids provide backup for the grid in case of emergencies, cut costs and can even connect to a local resource that is too small or unreliable for traditional grid use. Microgrids affords communities safety, resiliency, reliability and can foster clean energy.