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Our best-in-class smart energy research offers data and insights that equip our members with the knowledge they need to make educated decisions about solar power, demand response, energy storage and other enabling technologies.

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We approach a problem holistically. As an educational non-profit, our members rely on us to provide objective insights that they can rely on.

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Through collaborations, contributions and partnerships, our industry members power our research content.


Our explorations and market intelligence helps our members in their day-to-day work from planning to program implementation.

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Meet the SEPA Research Team

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Christine Stearn

Analyst, Utility Strategy


Christine joined SEPA in 2015. She advises utilities on strategic and operational plans for programs, products and services that will drive integration of solar resources into utility resource portfolios and business operations.

Prior to SEPA, Christine has had a variety of rewarding work experiences ranging from startups to working at a global sustainability think tank, to building an analytic program for a $3 billion operating organization. Christine presents on energy, sustainability, technology, climate and risk topics.

Christine has a love of travel, a taste for pancakes, an aptitude for technology, an itch to run and a desire to connect with others.

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Daisy Chung

Manager, Research


Daisy Chung joined SEPA’s research team in 2014 to lead specialized solar research ranging from nationwide policy to utility customer offerings. She has also re‐launched the Utility Solar Database, a SEPA members‐only research tool for electric service providers, solar integrators, developers, and policymakers. She comes with years of process implementation experience as a thin‐films engineer at Samsung Austin Semiconductor, with specialization in process start‐ups, qualification, standardization, and failure and root-cause analysis through Six Sigma data analytics and strategies.

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Dan Chwastyk

Manager, Utility Strategy


Dan Chwastyk joined SEPA in 2015, where he works as Utility Strategy Manager on the Advisory Services team. Dan formerly worked for Navigant where he worked primarily on energy efficiency, smart grid and demand response issues for government, utility and private sector clients.

He holds his bachelor’s in structural engineering from Penn State University and his master’s of business administration from Wake Forest University.

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Erika Myers

Senior Manager, Research


Erika Myers joined SEPA as Senior Manager of Research in July 2015. In this role, Erika is responsible for helping SEPA members through the development of research reports and tools to drive the integration of solar and other distributed energy resources into utility resource portfolios and business operations.

Prior to joining SEPA, Erika spent nearly four years as a consultant with ICF International and five years with the South Carolina Energy Office specializing in renewable energy and alternative transportation fuel policy and regulatory planning and development.

Erika has both a bachelor’s degree in biology from Clemson University and a master’s degree in earth and environmental resources from the University of South Carolina.

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John Sterling

Senior Director, Advisory Services


John Sterling joined SEPA as Senior Director of Research and Advisory Services in March 2013. In this role, John is responsible for helping SEPA members develop strategic and operational plans for programs, products and services that will drive the integration of solar resources into utility resource portfolios and business operations.

Prior to joining SEPA, John spent 11 years with Arizona Public Service. During this time, John focused on utility regulation, power procurement, demand response and smart grid program development and long-term resource planning issues.

John has both a Bachelor of Science in Finance and an MBA from Arizona State University.

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Nick Esch

Associate, Research


Nick Esch joined SEPA as a Research Associate in August 2015 after interning with the research team since January 2015. Nick manages SEPA’s Utility Solar Database and assists in the day-to-day responsibilities of SEPA’s Advisory Services and Research teams.

Nick holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from the University of Albany and master’s degree in solar energy engineering and commercialization from Arizona State University.

Ted Davidovich

Manager, Utility Planning


Ted is SEPA’s Manager, Utility Planning and is responsible for helping SEPA members develop strategic and operational plans that will help with the integration of solar resources. Prior to joining SEPA, Ted held various positions at Allegheny Energy, most recently in the Corporate Development and Strategic Planning areas with a focus on renewable energy, rates and regulation and generation planning.

He has an associate’s degree in electrical engineering technology from Penn State and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.

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Vazken Kassakhian

Analyst, Research


Vazken Kassakhian joined SEPA as a Research Analyst in August 2015. Prior to that, as an Energy Analyst at the Sierra Club, he analyzed state compliance pathways for the Clean Power Plan (CPP) and completed a national analysis of the impact of mandated state and local policies and voluntary purchases on utility-scale renewables and distributed solar for the Sierra Club.

He has also held research and analysis positions with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission advising on regulatory policy on Smart Grid and at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory analyzing policy and market impacts in the electric sector.

Vazken has an MBA and a certificate in renewable and sustainable energy from CU Boulder and a bachelor’s degree in English from UC Berkeley.

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