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Charting a Path to Mass-Market V2X Adoption

V2X cannot be scaled by any OEM, EVSP, or utility alone

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As vehicle-to-everything (V2X) transitions from a demonstration technology with limited pilot projects to a commercially mature product, a new report from the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) calls for increased stakeholder collaboration to resolve outstanding technology and business model barriers to unlocking a customer-centric V2X future.

Informed by in-depth interviews and facilitated workshops involving vehicle OEMs, utilities, charge point operators, and non-governmental organizations, the report details mass-market opportunities and challenges related to different V2X use cases, and identifies how stakeholder groups will contribute to their development. The report also uncovers areas of alignment and divergence among key stakeholder groups and describes how public perception of V2X will impact future adoption.

“Now is the time for industry to get serious about collaboration and coordination,” said Garrett Fitzgerald, director, electrification at SEPA. “V2X is not necessarily something new EV owners are asking for, or even fully understand today. Only by centering the conversations around the customer will we meaningfully capture the benefits bi-directional charging offers at scale.”

Mass-market V2X adoption will require the industry working together to resolve barriers involving device interoperability, efficacy of V2X applications, aggregation of V2X capable devices, and monetization of various value streams.

Additional key takeaways include:

  • Customer education and experience will be central to capture potential grid benefits from bidirectional charging.
  • Back-up power applications will drive initial adoption and grid services may follow on a delayed timeline.
  • Consensus has not been reached between stakeholders on who will be the trusted agent for EV owners.
  • Utilities, OEMs, and EVSPs have different perspectives on the urgency of deploying bidirectional charging capabilities and customer programs.

The report, Customer-centric Pathways to V2X Adoption, was produced in partnership with EnergyHub and is available to the public..

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