Customer-centric Pathways to V2X Adoption
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Customer-centric Pathways to V2X Adoption

  • Resiliency is the tip of the spear: Back-up power applications will drive initial adoption
  • Consensus has not been reached between stakeholders on who will be the trusted agent for EV owners
  • Utilities, OEMs, and EVSPs have different views on the urgency of deploying bidirectional charging

What’s in the report?

Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) applications are in the early stages of transitioning from a demonstration technology with limited pilot projects to a commercially mature product ready for mass market adoption. However, challenges and barriers to implementing the technology and subsequent business models remain unresolved and divisive between stakeholders as potential implications affect the adoption of V2X use cases in the coming years.

Curious about the state of bidirectional charging? SEPA talked to 50 experts to hear what they had to say. Download this report to learn more about V2X and its status in the industry.


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Customer-centric Pathways to V2X Adoption

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