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New SGIP White Paper Template Available

New SGIP White Paper Template Available

SGIP white papers are written by electric energy experts in the SGIP community give guidance for a variety of topics. As part of SGIP’s continued commitment to sharing knowledge, it recently released a new version of its white paper graphical template.


Using the SGIP 2017 White Paper Template ensures that our SGIP white papers are representative of the level and standard of excellence and expertise of the authors who have written them, and that the published papers are consistent with SGIP brand guidelines.


We hope you will find the new, self-guided template easy to use and navigate.


Below is the SGIP white paper development process:

  1. Identify Topic &Assess Needs: Identify and agree upon the main topic and objective of white paper.
  2. Identify Target Audience: define the white paper’s target reader. Will they have a technical background and capable of understanding technical subjects, or will the authors’ material need to be crafted in layman’s terms?
  3. Research: Interview key people, gather data and acquire pertinent information.
  4. Organize Content and Framework: Set objectives, define goals and create an outline of elements for the white paper, including the overview, key points, examples and summary.
  5. Write: Create a first draft.
  6. Finalize Draft—Edit, Review & Revise: Conduct a secondary review to finalize edits with committee members or other technical experts.
  7. Illustrate: Add necessary charts, definitions, appendices, illustrations or imagery, graphics, diagrams, tables and photos.
  8. Review, Revise, & Approve: Circulate as necessary for additional edits and changes.
  9. Submit for Publication: SGIP’s marketing team will receive your white paper draft and review and edit it.


There are many factors that can affect the publication process, but when SGIP receives a white paper draft, the consortium aims to publish it within a month. SGIP promotes all its white papers on its website, newsletter and press releases.


The SGIP 2017 White Paper Template can be accessed in Kavi in the SGIP Media & Resource Center under the White Paper Templates page and downloaded for use. You will need to log in to Kavi to access the template.