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SEPA Broadens Electrification Focus

NREL taps SEPA to co-develop new “Stakeholder Guide to Electrification“

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The combined energy consumed in buildings and for transportation contributes to nearly two-thirds of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. In response, some in the electric power industry are calling to “electrify everything” as a pathway to a carbon-free future. Widespread electrification will have profound impacts on electric distribution systems, and will require new technology, policies, and investments.

To help utilities and industry stakeholders navigate these complex issues, the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) has expanded its transportation electrification pathway to include other areas of electrification — notably building electrification. SEPA believes that electrification will play a crucial role in meeting carbon reduction goals, but must be done in a thoughtful and sequenced way to ensure benefits are maximized and avoidable costs are mitigated.

To lead this work, SEPA is pleased to announce Garrett Fitzgerald as the new Principal, electrification. Prior to joining SEPA, Garrett spent 8 years at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) where he built and led the RMI electricity program in India to accelerate the integration of electric vehicles and clean energy portfolios. During his tenure at RMI, Garrett managed the Fleet Electrification program, co-led the EV-Grid initiative, and was deeply engaged in work related to energy storage, distributed solar, and load flexibility.

“Transitioning our buildings and vehicles from direct burning of fossil fuels to low- or no-carbon electricity is critical. With thoughtful planning and coordination, the electrification of our buildings and transportation systems can lower costs, increase grid reliability and resilience, and deliver major environmental benefits,” said Fitzgerald. “I am truly honored to join the SEPA team at this pivotal time to lead our efforts in electrification and chart a path to a carbon-free energy future.”

SEPA also announces a new partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to help industry stakeholders better understand the technology, policies, and investments needed to enable wide-spread electrification. Building on the successful Voices of Experience approach, A Stakeholders Guide to Electrification will convene industry stakeholders for peer-to-peer conversations to exchange ideas, identify gaps in industry knowledge, and develop educational content.

“Our goal is to cut through the hype around electrification to get to the heart of the opportunities and challenges,” said Jared Leader, Manager, Industry Strategy at SEPA. “By curating a resource library of educational materials, and delivering digestible multimedia content accessible for all stakeholders, the Guide will allow practitioners to drill down from the big picture to in-depth technical, economic, and policy information.”

To learn more about the SEPA Electrification pathway, as well as our latest research, click here.

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