Smoothing the Transition to Electric

The SEPA Electrification pathway facilitates the transformation of the nation’s vehicles and buildings to be powered by carbon-free electricity. Electrification is required to meet carbon reduction goals, can save money and support grid flexibility and resiliency. Thoughtful planning for the growth, associated investments and management of these new electric loads is critical to successfully minimize system impacts, ensure equity and maximize customer and grid value.

Focus Areas

  • Equity
  • Fleets
  • Managed charging

SEPA’s EV Community

SEPA Electric Vehicle Working Group

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Us: Trusted, Unbiased Skills

You: Real results

90% of utilities have, or are establishing, transportation electrification teams. But, leveraging electric vehicles as a grid asset in a clean and modern energy system will be complex.

SEPA is ready to help utilities maximize EV benefits through approaches like EV-specific time-varying rates and managed charging programs that your customers will love.

SEPA Expertise
Our electrification capabilities include…

  • Strategy development
  • Market assessment
  • Human sourcing or team building
  • Program design

Trusted Industry Source
SEPA has…

  • More than 23k of your industry peers coming to us for EV insights
  • Surveyed hundreds of utilities
  • Published seven in-depth transportation electrification reports over the last four years
  • Spoken at over 50 events on transportation electrification topics

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