SEPA Power Players Awards FAQs

What do you look for in a nomination?

Your entry must fit the within the criteria of innovation, collaboration, and replicability as related to:

  • Expanding the grid integration of clean energy, distributed energy resources and/or furthering grid modernization efforts
  • Working to make the smart grid more reliable, resilient and clean
  • Innovative, replicable projects 

This can be in the form of nuts-and-bolts projects, thought leadership or strategic implementation.

Do I have to be a member of the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) to receive an award?

Not at all. SEPA encourages all utilities and industry partners to apply and showcase their energy industry transforming work.

When will the winners be notified?

Please stay tuned for a 2020 timeline.

How will the winners be recognized?

The 2020 Power Players Awards will be recognized during the SEPA Grid Evolution Summit held July 27 to July 29 at the Grand Hyatt in Washington, D.C. Registration for both the Summit and awards event is coming soon.

Can previous award winners submit again?

The most recent year award winners serve as a the judges in the following the year of their win. Because of this, the winners are prohibited from submitting under the same category the following year.

I participated in a great project a few years ago, can I nominate it?

The most recent year award winners serve as the judges in the following year. Because of this, winners are prohibited from submitting under the same category the following year.

What about programs or products that haven’t been launched yet? Do they qualify?

No, the project must have been implemented to be nominated.

Who is requested to receive the actual award at the ceremony?

We ask that award recipients be an executive or other high-ranking official. Those essential to the project’s success are encouraged to attend.

Can we nominate ourselves?

Absolutely! We encourage it and hope you do.

How can I obtain a ticket or table at the awards event?

The 2020 Power Players Awards event will be co-located with the Grid Evolution Summit, July 27 – 29 at the Grand Hyatt Washington. Registration for the dinner and more details are coming soon.