Celebrating the best of innovative energy.

Nominations are due by March 29

The A-List of Energy + You

This is where you want to be – in the crowd with the movers and shakers that are leaving their mark of the future of energy generation. Each person in the crowd is an energy power player in their own right and they’ve all come here to celebrate their peers who have left their mark on the future of clean and modern energy.

The Utility Projects That Will Define Your Future

We’re toasting the best in visionary utility projects that push the envelope of transportation electrification, grid integration, carbon-free technology, and utility business models. From mighty municipal utility projects to original and avante-garde cooperative and IOU projects, this stage puts the spotlight on the best of the best.

You’ll Join an Elite Club

You may recognize our past winners. At this event, you will be in good company.

Join Us At The Awards Dinner

You don’t have to be in the running for an award to be in the room with the best of the industry. The Power Players Awards Dinner will be held in conjunction with our Grid Evolution Summit.

Join us on Monday, July 29th at 7:00 pm in Washington, DC for this “can’t miss” event.