2018 Utility Energy Storage Market Snapshot

2018 Utility Energy Storage Market Snapshot

  • Over 1 GWh of Energy storage deployment by utility type and market segment
  • Overviews of 10 projects showcasing diverse energy storage applications
  • Easy to grasp summary of every state-level storage mandate and incentive

According to US utilities, 2017 storage reports got it wrong.

Want to know what actually happened in the energy storage market last year? We made it easy and did the hard work for you. Our utilities say that GTM Research and other industry sources undercounted the amount of grid-connected storage and behind-the-meter storage deployed in 2017.

The Utility Market Snapshot Series delivers what no other industry reports can: unbiased analysis and figures based on verified interconnection data from over 130 US utilities. No data modeling. No guesswork.  Just hard facts from one of largest utility surveys in the industry, now called the Utility Transformation Survey. In this year’s Utility Energy Storage Market Snapshot, you will learn about the expanding applications of energy storage and key market trends. Some key data points include:

  • An emerging, booming market: The market saw 104% growth of deployed MWh from 2016. In 2017, U.S. utilities interconnected 217 megawatts (MW), 523 MWh of energy storage across a total of 2,588 systems.
  • Utility-supply dominates growth: Residential deployments accounted for 13 MW, 29 MWh; while non-residential added 59 MW, 140 MWh, and utility supply accounted for the largest share at 144 MW, 355 MWh.
  • State-level policy pilots: Details on five state policies to grow local storage markets.

What’s in the report

This year’s snapshot delivers critical data and findings such as:

  • U.S. energy storage rankings by utility in MW, MWh, watts per customer account, and watt-hours per customer account
  • Energy storage market deployment by utility type and market segment
  • Historical and key insights into FERC Order 841 on electricity storage
  • Drivers of the market including: state energy storage procurement mandates, incentive programs, integrated resource planning updates, and utility-led energy storage initiatives
  • Trends in residential and non-residential markets – including behind the meter energy storage deployments
  • Brief case studies demonstrating the far reaching capabilities of energy storage assets in applications including:
    • Green Mountain Power’s Tesla Powerwall and Bring Your Own Battery pilots
    • Indianapolis Power and Light’s standalone battery project for primary frequency response
    • Arizona Public Service and National Grid’s storage as non-wires alternatives projects
    • APS/First Solar’s solar + storage peaker PPA
    • Kauai Island Utility Cooperative’s fully dispatchable Tesla solar + storage project
    • Butler Farms’ battery-driven microgrid project

Members get exclusive access to the survey data sets and more.

SEPA members: access the 2017 utility survey dataset by logging into the EStore. This dataset includes the number of installed systems, energy storage capacity for residential, non-residential, and utility supply by state; and cumulative utility energy storage deployment data.

To access the report figures and tables to use for presentations, or other materials, click here and log into the Estore.

2018 Utility Energy Storage Market Snapshot

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