Annual Utility Market Survey

What Is SEPA’s Annual Utility Survey?

Every year, utilities across the country answer our request for data. The information we collect powers our annual utility market snapshot reports and establishes a trusted source for unbiased market information.

In 2019, SEPA’s Annual Utility Market Survey will collect data on the following topics:

  • Solar 
  • Demand Response 
  • Energy Storage

Why Your Utility Should Participate.

Participating in our survey helps us provide accurate data to the industry and gives you access to exclusive data. Check out all the ways we use the data you provide and how you can use those outputs to benefit your utility.

Top 10 Awards

Data from these surveys help SEPA officially recognize the top utilities for their clean energy deployments and accomplishments. Many utilities find these awards instrumental in their ability to successfully apply for grants to help fund other clean energy projects.

Utility Market Snapshot Series

Through this report series, we analyze the data you provide and report out on the findings of our annual survey. Use these reports to learn about trends and where utilities are heading with solar, demand response and storage.

Utility Benchmark Report

Available only to survey participants, you will receive a benchmarking report to compare where you rank among other utilities. Many participants use this data for filings and public relations efforts with customers.


Get Started on Your Survey

2019 Utility Market Survey

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Participating in the Survey

Our survey is now open. If you’re interested in participating, please fill out the form above and someone on our team will reach out to you.


Have Questions? Email a member of our survey team.