2019 Grid Integration Insights

2019 Grid Integration Insights

  • Timely insights from +1,500 industry professionals
  • Market gap analysis for 6 emerging technologies
  • A Full view of 2019 challenges from all angles of a utility

What technologies do utilities need?  The answer will surprise you.

Survey results from 1,500 industry professionals were compiled to create this unique gap analysis of the electricity technology market.

This report is different

Deployment of clean energy at U.S. utilities has been tracked many times.  This report highlights the difference between what technology utilities need and their impression about how many solution providers offer that technology.

In this report you’ll find:

  • The largest pain points with utility grid integration processes
  • Market intelligence that pinpoints specific technology gaps
  • Utility breakouts by U.S. region
  • Covers IOU, public power, and cooperative utilities

About SEPA’s Pathways

This report confirms what our utility members tell us about the biggest challenges they face today.  The solutions can be segmented into four categories or “Pathways.” You can learn more about our three pathways here.

  • Regulatory and Business Innovation
  • Grid Integration
  • Electrification

2019 Grid Integration Insights

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