2019 Utility Demand Response Market Snapshot

2019 Utility Demand Response Market Snapshot

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  • Market analysis for demand response programs and customer segments
  • Coverage of diverse demand response applications and innovative projects

Utilities are embracing advanced demand response applications

Both Mass Market and Commercial & Industrial (C&I) demand response (DR) programs are incorporating advanced technologies and tools to create increased flexibility and savings. Legacy programs are being phased out, utilities are offering suites of options, diverse technology types are being integrated, and cutting edge technology is being tested. As programs are expanded and new options are added, DR stands to potentially deliver $15 billion in savings each year by 2030.

Download SEPA’s Demand Response Market Snapshot report to get what no other publication in the electricity sector can deliver: in-depth market data and analysis for demand response markets. Expanded from 2018, this year’s report includes quality data from 190 utilities, up 22% from last year.

Key findings:

  • Utilities reported a DR enrolled capacity of 20.8 GW, and a dispatched capacity of 12.3 GW in 2018
  • The C&I market segment contributed the majority of the total reported enrolled DR capacity
  • Both mass market (residential and small business) as well as C&I programs are becoming more advanced with new tools and technologies enabling integrated DR programs
  • DR could deliver $15 billion per year of savings by 2030
  • Regulatory mandates are providing incentives for demand reductions and motivating utilities to expand DR through integration of programs

In the report:

  • Key trends and data for utility demand response programs including AC switches, electric water heaters, thermostats, behavioral programs, C&I and more.
  • Program analysis including demand response event call frequency, market adoption by utilities, and unique program highlights.
  • Emerging trends and analysis of wholesale demand response markets.
  • Analysis and program highlights of advanced applications of DR including energy storage, EVs, smart homes, and transactive energy
  • Policy updates from across the country including new proposals, legislation, and mandates


2019 Utility Demand Response Market Snapshot

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