Benchmarking Equitable Transportation Electrification
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Benchmarking Equitable Transportation Electrification

  • Equity of impacts from the transformation to a carbon-free electrical sector is critically important
  • Equity does not exist today, it will get worse if we are not proactive
  • Utilities and Regulators need to intentionally address equity as they develop and implement transportation electrification programs

What’s in the report?

SEPA is delivering the first comprehensive toolkit of transportation electrification benchmarking and metrics, as well as best practices and guidance for using them across a broad spectrum of program types. Contents include an insight brief on the importance of equity, a set of 16 modules covering a broad range of transportation electrification programs, and a comprehensive report on benchmarking equity in transportation electrification.

The transition to transportation electrification (TE) is well underway. Federal, state, and local decision-makers are approving policies and spending packages at a rapid pace. However, this transition may benefit some more than others without conscious efforts to incorporate equity considerations. For these reasons, the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), in collaboration with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), embarked on a project to leverage the perspectives and best practices of utilities and community-based organizations to create an equitable transition.

Benchmarking Equitable Transportation Electrification

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