Cybersecurity Guide for Securing Energy IoT Interactions with the Power Grid

Cybersecurity Guide for Securing Energy IoT Interactions with the Power Grid

  • Provides a reference of standards and best practices that could prevent Energy IoT device exploitation through cybersecurity penetration
  • Benefits Residential and Small/Medium sized business, electric utilities & load serving entities, and EnergyIoT device manufacturers and installers
  • Identifies each segment of the Energy IoT Device to Electric Utility communications pathway and offers cybersecurity resources associated with the connection

What’s In the Report

In this third decade of the 21st century, connected devices – often called the Internet of Things (IoT) – are proliferating throughout the world. It is estimated that 35 billion IoT devices have been installed around the world. IoT devices exchange information with each other and with other systems without human intervention. Such devices range from stand-alone appliances and smart phones, to devices worn as clothing or personal accessories. IoT devices can be contained in vehicles, buildings, and public spaces as Smart City technologies evolve and are integrated into existing infrastructure communication networks. Emerging and wide-ranging uses for IoT devices may enhance our quality of life, but when not properly secured against cyber-attacks they create vulnerabilities and opportunities for bad actors with malicious intent.

Cybersecurity Guide For Securing Energy IOT Interactions With The Power Grid

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