How to Design Multi-User Microgrid Tariffs
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How to Design Multi-User Microgrid Tariffs

  • Key questions at each stage of designing a tariff
  • Frameworks for structuring microgrid tariffs
  • Real-world examples of legislative and regulatory action

Developing a community or multi-user microgrid tariff? Start here

States, communities, and utilities are beginning to identify the resiliency benefit and clean energy resource value of microgrids. Unlike single-user microgrids, multi-user or community microgrids link distributed energy resources (DERs) with multiple customers across a distribution system to create a resilient island. Download this white paper to help identify what is within the scope of a multi-user microgrid tariff, which elements to include, and how to structure it. Utilities, regulators and other industry stakeholders can use this report to guide the development of a multi-user microgrid tariff.

What’s included:

  • Microgrid terminology and archetypes to clear-up misunderstandings
  • Initial strategic considerations for identifying objectives, operational structures, and services to address
  • Summary of multi-user microgrid blue-sky and island services
  • Framework on how to structure the tariff, including an example list of tariff provisions and related processes, forms and agreements
  • Key questions to consider at each stage of the microgrid tariff developmental process
  • Insights from real-world legislative and regulatory actions that address barriers to microgrid tariffs

How to Design Multi-User Microgrid Tariffs