Microgrids: Expanding Applications, Implementations, and Business Structures
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Microgrids: Expanding Applications, Implementations, and Business Structures

  • New microgrid business models
  • Contextual microgrid solutions
  • Adoption drivers

A renewed interest in microgrids.

Following major severe weather events, communities nationwide have expressed new interest in deploying microgrids to harden the power grid around critical loads. Beyond resiliency benefits, utilities are discovering that microgrids hold tremendous potential to aggregate and integrate distributed energy resources (DERs) into larger system operations. 

A trio of microgrid business models.

This report, produced in partnership with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), highlights basic microgrid technologies, drivers of microgrid adoption, use cases, barriers and challenges, and the three discrete business models that are supporting modern microgrid build-out, including a third-party model, unbundled model, and integrated utility model. Intended to be an informational resource for readers less familiar with the concept of a microgrid, the report also includes a list of recommended reading.


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