Renovate Best Regulatory Practice “Toolkit” Series: Performance-Based Regulation – Part 1

Renovate Best Regulatory Practice “Toolkit” Series: Performance-Based Regulation – Part 1

  • Practical guidance for regulators looking to address challenges of the changing electricity industry.
  • Curated practices and processes that can be adapted to all regulatory markets.

The Evolution of Performance-Based Regulation: A Model From A Traditional, Vertically Integrated Market.

When thinking about the application of performance-based regulation (PBR), most overlook traditional, vertically integrated markets like Minnesota. In this three-part series, SEPA dives into a case study of Minnesota’s proactive, stakeholder-driven process. Minnesota’s experience shows how a conversation about PBR does not require regulators and stakeholders to abandon existing cost-of-service-regulation (COSR) ratemaking practices.
This series gives regulators and their staff a roadmap that may inform how they proceed with performance-based regulation in their own jurisdiction.

What Is Covered In Part 1:

  • The value of acting proactively and anticipating the need for regulatory reform.
  • The benefits of building upon the existing regulatory regime.
  • The usefulness of taking a staged approach.

Download Part 2 and Part 3

A Resource of the Renovate Initiative

This series is a part of the larger set of tools from the Renovate Initiative. This initiative helps commissions improve their regulatory process and foster innovation by addressing four obstacles: people and knowledge; managing risk and uncertainty; managing increased rate of change, and complexity of objectives. To learn more about the Renovate Initiative and its other tools, click here.

Performance-Based Regulation - Part 1

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