Transactive Energy Concept Model
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Transactive Energy Concept Model

  • Provides shared terminology for Transactive Energy Systems to facilitate effective communication about TES designs and how they work
  • Benefits electric utilities, load serving entities, DER integration solution providers, and researchers
  • Helps the industry understand the components (concepts, relations, and semantics) of a generic TES model
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The SEPA Transactive Energy Concept Model establishes a common set of terms for transactive energy systems, with the goal of facilitating communication among interested stakeholders. Conveying this set of terms and their relation to each other is enhanced through the use of a knowledge graph, a diagrammatic approach for visualizing the connections between the transactive energy concepts.

The Transactive Energy Concept Model whitepaper additionally uses its terminology to compare and normalize the vocabulary found in different transactive energy system design case studies. An appendix captures these case studies to provide a detailed application of concept model terms to different transactive energy designs. The paper was researched and authored by the SEPA Transactive Energy Concept Model Task Force with support from the SEPA Transactive Energy Working Group and SEPA staff.

Transactive Energy Concept Model

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