Smart Grid Ontology

Smart Grid Ontology

A Rosetta Stone for the Smart Grid Expert.

The industry often uses multiple terms for the same concept, confusing even seasoned experts.

Your solution: An ontology tool with a set of definitions to get everyone on the same page using the same language. Save time, money and improve decision making.


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Why do we need this tool?

Smart Grid’s Language Problem

The vocabulary and language of the smart grid is a problem even for seasoned experts. Teams speak about the same terms without knowing they are misinterpreted as different objects and concepts. This makes cross-organizational discussions and assessments inefficient and frustrating.

Eliminating Communication Friction

SEPA’s Smart Grid Ontology Project addresses the frustration and inefficiency problem of smart grid communication head-on. Our taxonomy contains a common set of architectural/business elements and categorical definitions that can be readily used, interpreted, understood, and modeled the same way across projects and organizations.

How Your Organization May Benefit

– Eliminate financial losses from misinterpretation of business information

– Receive the best procurement proposal decisions by gaining an accurately described understanding of desired project outcome goals and terms

– Reduce time and effort by avoiding missteps caused by misunderstood project assumptions

Meet the experts

Daisy Chung

Technical Program Manager, Engagement

Daisy Chung

Daisy Chung joined SEPA in 2014. She focuses on utility deployment at the distribution level, with specialty in asset management and operations & maintenance. She also collaborates with industry stakeholders such as electric service providers and integrators.

Daisy comes with seven years of thin‐films engineering, process implementation, as well as technical knowledge transfer experience from Samsung. Through her global experience, she specialized in system start‐ups, qualification, standardization, and failure and root-cause analysis through Six Sigma data analytics and system monitoring strategies.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, with minors in Business Foundation and Chinese Language from the University of Texas; she is also an honor’s graduate of the Master in International Public Affairs program, specializing in Energy Analysis and Policy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Longhorns and badgers play nicely together in her household.

Phone: 202.559.2027     Email: [email protected]

Aaron Smallwood

Vice President, Research & Industry Strategy

Aaron Smallwood

Aaron has been in Information Technology for 20 years and in the utility industry for the last 15 years. As Director of IT Operations at the Electric Reliability of Council of Texas (ERCOT), Aaron was responsible for the multi-data center IT operations of ERCOT’s real-time grid and market systems, deregulated retail market systems, Enterprise Data Warehouse, systems integration, and market settlement systems. In other roles at ERCOT he led business/technology alignment, IT strategy development, program financial management for the Texas Nodal Market Implementation, IT stakeholder relationship management, and the IT divisional project office.

Prior to ERCOT, Aaron was responsible for managing the relationship between IT and utility business units at Aquila, Inc., working with utility and IT leaders to ensure that IT services were aligned with business objectives and that IT was positioned to support their needs.

Phone: 202.871.7414     Email: [email protected]