2019 Utility Market Snapshot Series

For the third consecutive year, SEPA delivers the expanded snapshot series to highlight the status of the U.S. utility solar, energy storage, and demand response markets. The reports combine SEPA insights with data and analysis from utility surveys.

Utility Solar Market Snapshot

Interconnected solar is healthy and expanding. In 2018, the solar market grew by 20.1% in total capacity, with explosive growth in emerging markets. Find out why by downloading this report with insight into the national market, industry trends, and regulation.

Key takeaways:

  • In 2018 the solar market grew by 20.1% in total capacity
  • Florida and Texas, as well as other emerging markets, saw tremendous growth
  • Utility-supply capacity flourished compared to other markets
  • 20 states and the District of Columbia now have community solar policies

Utility Energy Storage Market Snapshot

Discover why 2018 was a banner year for energy storage and what markets thrived under favorable policies and falling costs. This report delivers what no other industry report can, unbiased analysis and figures based on verified interconnection data from over 211 US utilities.

Key takeaways:

  • Energy storage interconnections grew by 45%.
  • Residential storage demonstrated the highest growth of all markets
  • 5 states have an energy storage target in place.
  • Lithium-ion storage asset costs have decreased 73% since 2013.

Utility Demand Response Market Snapshot

Utilities are embracing advanced demand response applications. What does that mean for both mass market and commercial & industrial (C&I) customers? More diverse technology and more options. Find out all the details by downloading this report including in-depth market data and analysis for demand response markets.

Key findings:

  • Utilities reported a DR enrolled capacity of 20.8 GW, and a dispatched capacity of 12.3 GW in 2018
  • The C&I market segment contributed the majority of the total reported enrolled DR capacity
  • Both mass market (residential and small business) as well as C&I programs are becoming more advanced with new tools and technologies enabling integrated DR programs

Forecasting is one thing. Hard facts are something different. Find out what actually happened in the utility market space last year by downloading all three reports. What you find out might surprise you.