Storage will be paramount to delivering consistent, reliable power as we harness the full potential of clean energy generation.

Preparing for the Future
with Vital Storage Needs

Advancements in battery technologies and applications, including long duration storage, will allow us greater flexibility to align generation with load profiles, and to deliver clean energy when, where, and how it is needed.

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As we look toward a carbon-free future, energy storage is critical to providing clean, reliable, and affordable power when and where it is needed. SEPA provides educational materials, research, technical guidance, and peer convenings to drive progress on energy storage throughout the industry. Energy storage in turn overlaps with all of SEPA’s focus areas – it enables transportation electrification and a resilient grid; it is heavily influenced by policy developments; and it requires new solutions to maximize the potential of other emerging clean energy technologies.

To achieve climate goals, industry stakeholders must retire fossil-fueled spinning generation, bring intermittent clean generation resources online, and prepare the grid to handle the increased load of new electrification efforts. Energy storage is a key component to help address each of these issues. SEPA recognizes the multitude of stakeholders at the table, and our energy storage work spans a broad array of technologies, end uses, audiences, and durations.

Long duration storage presents unique challenges including technology constraints, complex interactions with integrated resource planning and utility ownership structures, and questions around economic beneficiaries. As a result, SEPA is focusing additional efforts in this area of energy storage in particular. Join SEPA’s energy storage working group to learn from other experts in the field.

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