2022 Australia Executive Fact Finding Mission

November 13 - 18, 2022
Sydney and Melbourne, Australia

2022 Australia Executive Fact Finding Mission

Get ready for practical lessons with fellow executives down under

Australia’s main grid is expected to surpass the goal of 50% powered by renewables by 2025 and is targeting 69% by 2030. You’ll be visiting Melbourne and Adelaide to discover the impacts and challenges of this transition.

Why you should attend:

To build productive relationships with peers through deep discussions and candid sharing during this invitation-only mission.

To return with practical, applicable lessons that can inform your planning and future efforts.

Register without worry. Safety is paramount. You can book stress-free with flexible cancellation policies and COVID-19 precautions in place for delegates and staff.

How You Will Spend Your Time

Key Questions Delegates Will Explore

Energy systems worldwide are being challenged like never before from fires, extreme heat, hurricanes and other climate changes.

  1. Can you manage the high penetration of customer-sited PV and energy storage and effectively leverage it to meet system needs?
  2. Retailers, generators and distributors face unique challenges. What business models will help each piece of the value chain thrive?
  3. Can large-scale battery storage successfully replace aging coal plants?
  4. What is the role of green hydrogen in the transformation and will renewables be the new energy export?

The Unique Fact-Finding Mission Experience

Executive Fact Finding Missions are in-the-field learning labs for U.S. energy executives. Mission participants visit energy markets around the world to learn best practices, new approaches and potential challenges around the energy transformation. Executives leave with lessons they can apply to their work at home.

Interested in attending?

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Bryan Hannegan

The SEPA Executive Mission gave me invaluable insight into how other utilities are using new technologies and practices to provide clean energy to their consumers. It helped me to not only validate my utility’s current practices, but gain a couple of new ideas that I’m looking forward to trying in the future.

- Bryan Hannegan, President & CEO, Holy Cross Energy