Grid Integration

Long-Term Goal: Carbon-Free Energy Is Easily Integrated With Positive Impacts To Affordability, Safety, Security, Reliability, Resilience and Customer Satisfaction.

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DER and large-scale renewables like wind, solar, electric vehicles, and energy storage continue to play an increasing role in the power sector, whether it be for individual consumer value or system-wide value. The grid must be flexible enough to accommodate new clean resources, whether centralized or decentralized, without degrading reliability and the other valuable attributes of the system.


  • Battery storage applications research
  • Enhanced grid planning methodologies
  • Technology and interoperability in the real world
  • Advanced microgrids for resilience
  • Valuation of DER in resilience applications


On-Demand Webinars

Emerging Energy Marketplaces: Transactive Energy Systems
The Value of Dispatchability: Unleashing Grid Flexible Solar
Reinventing Demand Response with DERs
Moving to a More Participatory Grid
Launching Plug & Play DER Into The Future

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