Inclusive Utility Investment Task Force

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SEPA has launched a task force to explore industry opportunities and challenges related to inclusive utility investment programs, including Pay As You Save® (PAYS®). SEPA’s Inclusive Utility Investment Task Force will primarily serve as a learning forum, with an option to contribute to specific activities. It is open to all industry stakeholders, including utilities, government agencies, equipment manufacturers, program implementers, nonprofits and the financial community. The Task Force is part of SEPA’s collaborative project with Clean Energy Works. SEPA membership is not required to participate.


  • Raise awareness of the model among utilities and other industry stakeholders
  • Provide a forum for utilities and other industry stakeholders to discuss opportunities, issues, barriers, program development, results and lessons learned
  • Create resources to enhance industry knowledge of the model, and to facilitate program development
  • Determine what additional forms of assistance can help utilities move forward with program development and implementation


  • Hold group discussions of high-priority issues, led by subject matter experts
  • Share results and lessons learned from existing programs
  • Create and maintain a curated library of helpful resources
  • Develop and publish case studies
  • Develop and publish blogs
  • Create a program development toolkit
  • Encourage mentoring and peer-to-peer learning
  • Targeted activities based on knowledge and experience level

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