Inclusive Utility Investments

Fund more inclusive and equitable clean energy upgrades.

SEPA has partnered with Clean Energy Works to further the awareness of use cases and the value of inclusive utility investment systems, such as Pay As You Save® (PAYS®). Inclusive utility investments can provide new service offerings to customers and fund expansion of behind-the-meter grid assets. Join us in the coming months as we grow this partnership to in-person events, on-demand webinars, and discussion groups to further expertise on the value that inclusive utility investment systems give utilities.

Utility Benefits:

  • High customer participation, no customer qualification required
  • Grid benefits through peak shaving and reduced load
  • Opportunity for utilities to earn a rate of return

Participant Benefits:

  • Turnkey delivery of home upgrades at no or little upfront cost
  • Bill-neutral, no debt obligation, improved comfort
  • Ownership after utility recovers investment

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