Inclusive Utility Investments

Fund more inclusive and equitable clean energy upgrades.

SEPA has partnered with Clean Energy Works to raise awareness of the value and use cases of inclusive utility investment programs, such as Pay As You Save® (PAYS®). These programs can provide financial benefits to utilities, utility customers, and building owners by funding customer-sited energy improvements, including behind-the-meter grid assets and EV chargers. Join us as we grow this partnership to learn more about the inclusive utility investment model, discuss opportunities, and explore solutions to your energy challenges.

Utility Benefits:

  • High customer participation
  • No customer qualification is required, ensuring all customers can benefit
  • Grid benefits through reduced load and peak shaving
  • Opportunity to earn a rate of return on investments

Customer Benefits:

  • Turnkey delivery of building upgrades at no or little upfront cost
  • Lower electric bill, no debt obligation, and improved comfort
  • Ownership opportunity after the utility recovers its investment

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