Solving Big Challenges

SEPA’s initiatives are designed to help the electric sector solve some of the biggest challenges in a constructive way that allows all stakeholders to have a voice in the solution.

51st State

The 51st State Initiative was created as a way for the power sector to discuss the future of energy in the electric industry. Designed as an alternative to the contentious debates surrounding market and rate reform occurring in many jurisdictions, the initiative creates an ongoing, safe platform for experts and industry leaders to present, sound out and provide feedback on direction and innovation to support utility sector evolution.

Orange Button

Orange ButtonSM aims to simplify and standardize solar data so that state and local governments, customers, utilities, financiers, solar companies, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders can exchange quality data.

Did you know?
Soft costs can make up 60% of solar costs; data management can account for half of that total.

Plug & Play DER Challenge

Industry stakeholders are entering their best interoperability idea into a competition to help distributed energy resources (DERs) integrate and interact with the grid. The winners will present their idea at North American Smart Energy Week (SPI/ESI) 2018.