Energy Storage Bootcamp | 3-Part Course
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Energy Storage Bootcamp | 3-Part Course

This part bootcamp is a crash course covering one of the hottest technologies on the grid – storage. You will learn the fundamentals for critical elements of energy storage – with a focus on batteries. This course answers questions such as why storage is critical to the future of the grid and how batteries interact with wholesale markets, distribution utilities, and end-users.

You will:

  • Understand the growth of energy storage
  • Evaluate different storage technologies, and cost and performance issues related to each technology or chemistry
  • Understand key regulatory conversations taking place and their implications

Download the full course outline (PDF).

3 Part Course

The Big Picture: Energy Storage to Date, Applications, and Its Growing Role on the Grid Today Plus Battery Storage Technologies: Cost and Performance

Valuing Storage as a Resource in Utility Portfolio Planning Planning

Storage, Policy, Future Considerations and the Regulatory Framework and Rate Structures: Policy and Rate Structures

Meet Your Instructor

Your instructor is Peter Kelly-Detwiler, a strategist and communicator on the rapid pace of transformation to a sustainable energy economy with over 300 articles published on

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