After Phase I visioning and Phase II roadmapping, Phase III provides the tools to start building the future power system through 3 ways

  • 51st State Perspectives – discover and learn from transformations taking place
  • 51st State Ideas – thinking that pushes the envelope on what is possible
  • 51st State Action – assistance to help launch successful market transformations

51st State Perspectives

Distributed Energy Resources Integration: Policy, Technical, and Regulatory Perspectives from New York and California

This report is a condensed guide to thousands of pages of regulatory filings. Readers will see areas of overlap and divergence in the goals and execution of electricity system reform in each state.  Get the report 

DERs Are Coming and Illinois Is Ready for Them

GridWise Alliance ranked this Midwestern State No. 2 in its modernization index – but Illinois isn’t content with second place. This report also delves into activities across these 51st market state concepts and gauges the degree of transformation such as promoting efficiencies, defining the roles of utilities and more. Get the report

51st State Ideas

Considering The Role of The Utility

In 2016, SEPA convened a group of industry leaders that laid out four doctrines for the 51st State including this doctrine about the role of the utility:

“The role of the utility, as a public service corporation, should be clearly defined so that all market participants have open access to enable customer options in a fair, transparent, and non-discriminatory manner.”

We now invite electric power sector thought leaders and subject matter experts to share their detailed perspectives on the doctrine of the role of the utility. Submissions are due September 22. For more information, contact us at