The most comprehensive assessment of utility clean energy and grid modernization efforts. Ever.

Renewables, climate considerations, natural disasters, technology advancements and changing customer preferences are driving the U.S. electricity industry transformation.

To meet this challenge, utilities around the country are taking actions today to lead the transition to a carbon-free energy system by 2050. SEPA is dedicated to creating an unbiased assessment of utility progress and we need your help.

Will you commit to the Utility Transformation Challenge?  It’s your opportunity to demonstrate your leadership and help the utility industry move forward together.

The Utility Transformation Challenge Includes:

  • The Utility Carbon Reduction Tracker
  • The Utility Transformation Survey (launched April 2020)
  • The Utility Transformation Snapshot (released fall 2020)
  • Industry recognition (announced fall 2020)

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SEPA is collecting the facts on utility innovation around clean energy and grid modernization

The assessment consists of a set of surveys designed to capture utility progress in six key areas:

– Corporate Strategy
– Demand Flexibility
– Grid Integration
– Utility Business Models
– Solar & Energy Storage
– Transportation Electrification