What Is the SEPA Utility Transformation Survey?

Formerly the Annual Utility Survey

SEPA is embarking on the most comprehensive assessment ever of utilities’ efforts to transform the electric industry. The survey is part of the new SEPA Utility Transformation Challenge that goes beyond specific renewable and technology markets, such as solar or energy storage, to capture a more holistic view of how utilities are driving the evolution of the grid and the large-scale transformation of the energy system.

Download the Frequently Asked Questions pdf

Why Participate?

Recognition for your utility’s accomplishments

Regardless of your utility’s size or type, join the Utility Transformation Challenge to be recognized. Showcase your important work on projects such as carbon-reduction goals, renewables, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, new customer-focused programs and more.

Representation in nationwide profiles

This information will allow us to create valuable profiles of the progress being made nationwide toward a carbon-free energy future. Make sure your utility is included in this original baseline study — the basis for all future comparisons.

Illustrate to regulators and legislators the possibilities available

Inspire regulators and legislators with the incredible work you are doing and open their minds to the new possibilities.

Stay Updated

Stay updated on all things Utility Transformation Challenge

The survey includes six parts:

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Demand Flexibility
  • Grid Integration
  • Utility Business Models
  • Solar & Storage
  • Transportation Electrification

Participating in the Survey

Our survey opened April 22, 2020. If you’re interested in participating or have any questions, please fill out the form and someone on our team will contact you. You can also email SEPA at utilitytransformationchallenge@sepapower.org or call us at 202.869.4295.