Who Participated In the Utility Transformation Survey?

Utilities of all types, sizes and geographic areas participated. In the survey, SEPA assessed utilities on their progress towards a modern, carbon-free energy system. You can find recommendations and insights in the 2021 Utility Transformation Profile.

SEPA received responses from 135 individual utilities representing:

83.2 million

customer accounts


of all U.S. electric customer accounts

Utility Types
Utility Participation By Region

How Did SEPA Collect Data?

Participation was robust, despite unique and intense industry challenges.

  • Utilities Answered 120 Questions
    The survey consisted of six sections and more than 120 questions designed to capture progress across different industry areas.
  • SEPA Assessed Utilities On Four Dimensions of Utility Transformation
    The insights in the Profile represent an assessment of the actions that utilities have taken across clean energy resources, corporate leadership, modern grid enablement and aligned actions and engagement
  • All Data Is Reported Anonymously
    SEPA encouraged utility participation through marketing and direct outreach to individual utility contacts, and assured participating utilities that individual survey responses would be aggregated and anonymized.

SEPA conducted the Utility Transformation Survey in the spring and summer of 2020. SEPA developed questions based on the four dimensions and collected data from utilities primarily via an online survey platform. SEPA reviewed and validated survey data collected. Nearly all survey questions took the form of multiple choice or “select all that apply.” SEPA included definitions to clarify the meanings of key terms. When no timeframe was specified for a survey question, utilities were asked to respond based on the status of decisions, actions, processes, or practices that were approved and in effect when the survey was taken.

Interested in participating?

Please note the Utility Transformation Survey is exclusively for electric utilities

Participating in the Survey

Our 2020 survey is now closed, but the SEPA team is already recruiting utilities to participate in the future. If you’re interested in participating or have any questions, please fill out the form and we’ll contact you soon. You can also email SEPA at utilitytransformationchallenge@sepapower.org or call us at 202.869.4295.