Regulatory and Business Innovation

Utilities and Regulators Innovating for the Energy System of the Future

The SEPA Regulatory and Business Innovation pathway facilitates the transformation of utility business models and state regulatory processes needed to achieve a carbon-free energy future. Utilities and regulators must innovate to capture the opportunities in this transition.

Utilities are deploying advanced technologies and developing new products and services, on their own and in partnership with others, to meet increasing customer expectations and policy requirements. To succeed, utilities need new business models and processes, and regulation to align utility, customer and public policy objectives.

Focus Areas:

  • Pathways for Carbon Reduction
  • Utility Business Model Innovation and Transformation
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Education
  • Benefit Cost Analysis
  • Grid Modernization (Distribution and Transmission)
  • Program Design and Marketing
  • Renovate – A Regulatory Process Innovation Initiative

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Utilities and electric sector stakeholders are key to the energy system of the future, even as business as usual changes. Distributed generation, distributed energy resources, beneficial electrification, resiliency projects, innovative customer utility programs and carbon reducing policies are compelling important changes to the utilities business model.

SEPA can help utilities and electric sector stakeholders transform to create sustainable value for both the industry and their customers.

SEPA Expertise

SEPA has…

  •  Fostered and built effective stakeholder partnerships in utility communities
  • Created Utility of the Future program concept and design for commission filing
  • 700+ utility memberships who turn to SEPA
  • Expert staff with past experience working at fortune 500 utility companies

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