Microgrid Legislative Snapshot

Microgrid Legislative Snapshot

  • Increased Funding Opportunities
  • Prioritization of DAC Support
  • Increased Pressure to Invest in State Climate Goals

Due to increased pressure for emission reduction, renewable mandates, and other climate goals, states are introducing and passing microgrid legislation.

SEPA assessed microgrid legislation records in order to better understand state and nationwide trends. According to SEPA research, the recent surge in microgrid legislation is due to state’s interest in providing funding for microgrids to increase resilience and serve vulnerable populations and disadvantaged communities.

Other themes of recent microgrid legislation include new grant programs, investment into equity and education, stakeholder engagement, and community resilience.

Key Insights:

  • Funding is increasingly available for microgrid projects that address equity and climate goals
  • Legislatures are acknowledging that microgrids are a multifaceted solution
  • States are beginning to introduce favorable microgrid legislation

Microgrid Legislative Snapshot

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