Smart Grid System Security with Broadcast Communications

Smart Grid System Security with Broadcast Communications

  • Cybersecurity for broadcast-based smart grid communications
  • Relevant guidelines and regulations
  • Third paper in a series on broadcast-based solutions for home-to-grid communications

Cybersecurity for broadcasting information to smart grid devices

Broadcasting is a powerful and low-cost method of sending information to a large number of smart, energy-consuming devices to help manage energy consumption (e.g., via demand response). This paper addresses the issue of cybersecurity for smart grid broadcast communications.

This paper presents a high-level overview of various security issues related to broadcast-based solutions and explores practical methods of implementing security suitable for ensuring the integrity of information. It addresses industry requirements and government guidelines, primarily for cybersecurity but also with some reference to physical security, and reviews some countermeasures against various types of cyber attacks. It proposes that broadcast messages sent to home-based devices be authenticated as originating from a valid source.

What’s in the report

Broadcast security measures
Examples of cyber attacks
Consumer views on privacy and big data
Recommendations, including encryption, authentication, and authorization

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