Transportation Electrification

Transportation Electrification is the opportunity of the century for utilities.
EV adoption and Vehicle Grid Integration (VGI) supports clean energy deployment.
The industry needs to start preparing now to leverage EVs as grid assets and engage with customers.

Smoothing the Transition to Electric

The long term goal of the SEPA Transportation Electrification pathway is that the nation’s fleet of vehicles is powered by carbon-free electricity. Transportation electrification offers compelling potential value for societal, consumer, and utility goals, including environmental, cost and convenience, and grid benefits. Diligent planning for the growth and management of this new load will be critical to successfully minimizing system impacts and maximizing both consumer and grid value.


  • Utility rates, tariffs and incentives
  • Distribution planning for EVs
  • Managed charging
  • EV/storage for grid support

SEPA’s EV Community

SEPA Electric Vehicle Working Group

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