The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Electricity launched the Voices of Experience Initiative to capture the experiences, insights and lessons learned from the utilities at the forefront of implementing emerging technologies. DOE has teamed with the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) to bring you Voices of Experience | Decarbonization Strategies and Grid Planning.

Utilities across the U.S. are announcing carbon reduction goals with increasing frequency. Some are mandated and others are voluntary; most are ambitious. According to SEPA’s Carbon Reduction Tracker, 82% of US customer accounts are served by utilities with carbon reduction goals with 79% having 100% carbon reduction as their goal. There is no universal blueprint for reducing carbon in energy systems. A carbon reduction plan must be tailored to a utility’s capabilities, its market, and geographical location.

Topics to Address:

  • Carbon reduction terminology
  • Enabling technology to leverage customer-owned generation and storage
  • Holistic resource planning
  • Role of electrification in carbon reduction strategies
  • Grid upgrades to enable system decarbonization and increased penetration of intermittent resources
  • Innovations and emerging clean energy technologies
  • Energy equity strategies in decarbonization goals and strategies

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