View the New Industry Steering Committee
David Farnsworth – Regulatory Assistance Project – Principal
Mackay Miller – National Grid – Director, US Strategy
Sharon L. Tomkins – Sempra Energy – VP, Sustainability
Jack Ilhe – Xcel Energy – Director of Environmental Policy and Emerging Technology
Mike Judge – MA-DPU – Director, Electric Power Division
Jason Stanek – MD PSC – Chairman
Maria Bocanegra – Illinois Commerce Commission – Commissioner
Richard Oberg – SMUD – Manager of Product Delivery
Michael Luhrs – Duke Energy – Vice President, Retail Programs
Greg Kresge – HECO – Manager of Electrification of Transportation
Allen Dennis – EPRI – Electrification Program Manager
Keith Dennis – NRECA – Vice President
Diane Huis – North Carolina Electric Cooperative – SVP, Innovation and Business Development
David Logsdon – Seattle City Light – Director of Environmental Policy and Emerging Technology
David Treichler – Oncor – Director, Strategy and Technology
Garrett Fitzgerald – SEPA – Principal of Electrification

A Stakeholders Guide to Electrification

SEPA has joined with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Electricity to develop A Stakeholders Guide to Electrification. Built on the successful Voices of Experience approach of engaging industry stakeholders in peer-to-peer discussions, the resulting guide will be a resource of industry knowledge on the technology, policies, and investments needed to enable wide-spread electrification. Expect engaging video, podcasts, fact sheets, an interactive online library and more. Users will be able to “drill down” from the big picture to in-depth technical, economic, and policy information.

Why Electrification?

Calls to “electrify everything” are increasingly being heard in the electric power industry as a pathway to a carbon-free future. While most people understand that electrification means shifting any non-electric source of energy to electricity at the point of consumption including transportation, residential and commercial buildings and industry, few understand the impact this will have on electric distribution systems or the technology, policies and investments that will be needed to enable wide-spread electrification. Because of the urgency to decarbonize our energy systems, this may be one of the most important challenges facing the electric power industry today.

Get Involved. Share Your Knowledge.

Participate in the Stakeholder Discussions
A Stakeholders Guide to Electrification will convene industry stakeholders for peer-to-peer conversations to share their thoughts and experience around specific aspects and challenges to electrification. The discussions will be held virtually with the schedule, topics, and guiding questions will be developed with input from the Industry Steering Committee. The goal of the discussions is twofold: 1) to provide a forum for the industry to share insights and exchange ideas, and 2) gather information that will be used identify challenges and successes and gaps in industry knowledge that can be addresses through education, new research, and collaboration.
Browse the Resource Library - COMING SOON
The Electrification Resource Library will be a collection of curated resources and made available online in a searchable, sortable format. The content will focus on academic and technical material produced through DOE sponsored efforts at the national labs, universities, and materials available through vetted industry research organizations. The Electrification Resource Library will be hosted on

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