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Electric power industry stakeholders are exploring options to be more resilient in the wake of recent extreme and costly weather events and natural disasters. all of which can threaten the reliability and stability of the electric power system. In response, our electric power industry members are turning to clean energy technologies, such as grid- and customer-scale distributed generation and storage, as an alternative to traditional resilience solutions, such as grid hardening, undergrounding lines, and vegetation management. SEPA is your first stop for incorporating resilience into your clean energy journey. “Resilience Matters” is your one-stop shop for trusted information and actionable solutions to your resilience challenges.

SEPA Resilience Knowledge

SEPA has developed a number of resilience blogs and publications to facilitate a resilient, carbon-free energy future. Check out these blogs and publications to help you start your resilience journey:

SEPA Resilience Offerings

SEPA offers one-on-one project support, multi-client studies, and thought leadership resilience matters that include state-wide and utility-specific resilience planning, DERs for resilience feasibility studies, program and regulatory support, stakeholder facilitation, customer engagement, and benchmarking.

SEPA’s Resilience Business Cases and Public Private Partnerships for DER offers comprehensive resources for determining the feasibility of DER systems, evaluating project benefits, costs, and overall cost-effectiveness. The Toolkit also assists in creating preliminary DER system sizing and conceptual designs to meet your customer, utility, and stakeholder needs.

SEPA’s Resilience and Equity Planning Framework for Utilities and State Energy Offices is a resource that can guide consideration of critical facilities, natural hazard risks, energy equity, and environmental justice, and system constraints in planning DERs and developing innovative program offerings for resilience and reliability.

SEPA has developed several studies and case studies for various utilities, state energy offices, and other entities.  Check out these public resources to learn more about how SEPA can support your resilience and microgrid efforts:

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